Tourbillon Movement Watches

What is a Tourbillon Movement Watches? - The History of the Tourbillon Watches.

Affordable tourbillon watches have never been more accessible. But what is a tourbillon movement watches and why should you add one to your watch collection?So what is a watch tourbillon? And why is this horological feature so significant, coveted and expensive? Let’s find out more about this complex, sophisticated micro-engineered feature whose name comes from the French for ‘whirlwind’ or, more aptly, ‘to whirl around’.

In tourbillon watches movements, the regulating system is mounted in a cage and revolves around its axis. Why? Because gravity affects watch movements’ delicate oscillating balance springs. This is particularly the case with pocket watches, which remain mostly vertical. The tourbillon counteracts this by subjecting the mechanism to a constantly changing gravitational effect that averages out rate errors.

So the tourbillons’ original raison d'être is long gone, but it remains a coveted object of watches fans’ desire. That’s because it’s a complex, beautifully engineered device with a fascinating history. And because its intrinsic beauty and enchanting dynamism elevates normal tourbillon watches movements to new levels. Because of this, tourbillons have traditionally been exceptionally expensive and very exclusive. And that, as we know, has its appeal.