Ladies' Best Tourbillon Watches

The Ladies' Best Tourbillon Watches your Collection Needs.

If there’s one thing that’s changed drastically in the world of horology, it’s the concept of timekeeping for women. When it was considered rude and unbecoming for ladies to check the time back in the 19th century, they rebelled by commissioning secret watches that looked like jewellery, which gave them access to the otherwise manly responsibility. That spirit of boldness has obviously multiplied over the years, because not only are they not hiding their watches now, their desire for those that rival men’s are getting more explicit, as seen in these five ladies’ tourbillon watches.

While ladie's tourbillons watches have become more an aesthetic experience than a functional one, the complication remains intriguing, and watchmakers have found a way to cater to the fairer sex without compromising on glamour. Unlike the usual collection of stoic cases and minimalistic dials, precious gems are often applied to ladies’ tourbillon watches, alongside artisanal craftsmanship such as fine enamelling or hand-painting.

Reef Tiger has both grounds covered on that end with its nature-inspired piece. Built within a gem encrusted case and hidden within the confines of a exquisitely painted magnolia lies a ladie's tourbillon watches that mimics nature with its movement. Meanwhile, Chopard and Girard-Perregaux has also transformed its most recognisable models to accommodate the complication.