Best Tourbillon Watches

A Selection Of 2019's Best Tourbillon Watches for Sale.

We are well past the halfway mark, with all the dust settled from the year’s biggest horological events, so now is as good a time as any to look at some of the best luxury watches 2019 has brought us.To kick off, we have chosen our three favorite best tourbillons watches – generally thought of as one of the most challenging complications to build and representing the pinnacle of the watchmaker’s art. And like other works of art, they are essentially useless.

The best tourbillon watches was patented in 1801 by Franco-Swiss maestro Albert-Louis Breguet, as a solution to a real problem suffered by pocket watches. As they spent the majority of their time in one of two positions, worn vertically in a vest pocket or stored horizontally, the hairspring would be put under considerable strain and affect the accuracy of the timekeeping.Breguet’s answer was to house the escapement in a protective cage, moving in a constant state of rotation. The gyroscopic effect cancelled out the influence gravity had on the hairspring and improved overall precision.

Nevertheless,best tourbillons watches are still produced by some of the highest of high end manufactures, as a display of just what can be achieved by true horological artisans.As well as being impossibly intricate and extremely time-consuming to make, they are also generally cripplingly expensive, with prices starting deep into five-figure territory and climbing far out of sight.But for those lucky few who can blow the budget on one of these undoubted masterpieces.