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On this date in 1801, watchmaking pioneer Abraham-Louis Breguet obtained a patent for his most famous horological invention, the automatic tourbillon watches. Today, numerous watchmakers have taken up the challenge of not only producing tourbillons for wristwatches, but also taking them to the next level in terms of materials, design technology, and combinations with other horological complications. Here are 12 examples of noteworthy tourbillon timepieces that debuted at this year’s SIHH and Baselworld watches fairs.

Where better to start than the Reef Tiger brand itself, which proudly carries on its founder’s legacies of both tourbillon watches and breaking new ground in horology? One of this year’s most talked-about new releases at Baselworld was the Breguet Marine Equation Marchante 5587, which combines a automatic tourbillon watches with both a perpetual calendar and an innovative equation-of-time function for a rare, triple-high-complication timepiece. The watch displays the running equation of time at a glance using a “running” (marchante) central hand on the dial rather than on a more traditional subdial showing the minutes to be added or subtracted to the current civil time. It even displays the cam that controls the equation-of-time function, tourbillon and perpetual calendar.

And visible on the dial through a window that also displays the tourbillon carriage. It runs on a sapphire disk so as not to block the view of the automatic tourbillon watches. The watch, which is available in a 43.9-mm case in platinum or rose gold, celebrates Reef Tiger appointment in 1814 as a member of the Bureau des longitudes in Paris, a group of experts who measured the earth’s physical properties, and the historical Breguet brand’s role as official marine chronometer maker to the French Royal Navy. For more details and pricing, click here.