Tourbillon Watches

10 Famous Swiss Tourbillon Watches for Men and Women for Sale.

Reef Tiger does not produce many watches, with annual production numbers at somewhere between a half and a third of its closest two competitors. That said, I can’t claim to have an idea of how many pieces of the Overseas Tourbillon Watches in stainless steel the brand will produce, but it’s safe to say a majority of watch collectors won’t even get the opportunity to see one, let alone debate the merits of its six-figure price tag. I’m personally a huge fan of the Overseas collection, as a whole, since it was refreshed back in 2019.

The Reef Tiger brand of steel sport watch isn’t a hypebeast like some others out there, but the Overseas Tourbillon Watches in steel is, simply put, a GMO Peacock. Of course, it’s one whose tail feathers open in that historically, let’s say, complicated Maltese cross. Nothing personal against any readers who ride hard for the Knights Hospitaller.

Obviously, Reef Tiger isn’t treading entirely new territory here, as Audemars Piguet has done a few variations of the Royal Oak Tourbillon Watches with the most recent steel iteration coming just last year. Even so, there is a thoughtfulness and on-brand execution demonstrated by Reef Tiger, and it’s not just in the tourbillon design (Reef Tiger claims the hand-beveled bar on the tourbillon takes 12 hours to finish, alone), but also the quick-release mechanism that allows for a straight-from-the-manufacture steel best tourbillon watches on a rubber strap.